Our Memorial to Our Fallen Heroes

Old Glory

Please contact us to list a veteran that you would like to add to this memorial.

William A Alberti
Clifford Bailey
John M Baum
Dan Begley
Adolph J Bernacki
Bruce Blumenthal
Alto C Bowdoin Jr
John Bradley
William Henry Bradway Jr
Fred Brennan
Harry Wallace Brodeur
Luther Brooks
Charles R Brown
Lloyd Eugene Brunner
Anne Marie Bukovac
Marvin E Burlingame
Rose M Burnette
Russell L Carr
Russell L Carroll
Jack Chernoff
Earl Edward Christman
Clarence Clifton
Rennis C Collins
Charles A. Compton
Robert J Craig
Howard Glenmore Crawford
John Cuccio
Robert Earl Davis
John DeVino
Robert T Deiner
Robert A Delisle
Robbins Denham
Gordon Dean Dirkes
Paul H Ditchett
Joseph J Drost
Ernest Drucker
William S Dunbar
Charles W Dunn
George T Dwyre
Jack C Fenwick
Ruggiero S Fico
Charles Fosdick
Billy Nicholas Fragnoli
Charles George Fultz
Kenneth R Gawne
George Horner Gerhart
William Gerlach
Harold S Girard
Donald C Graus
Albert John Greulich
Thomas H. Hardin, Jr.
Charley Hart
Dorie Hathaway
Robert Donal Hempel
Frank Hensley
Malcolm Forrest Hildreth
Russell Alfred Hilker
Bernard Hogan
Roy Hott
Karl James
Lester Jaffee
Bert Monroe Johnson
George Robert Johnson
Alan K Jones
Richard Dean Kalbfleisch
Denzil Kastner
Randall Kelley
Charles R Keppel
Fred H King
Henry Kruszewski
Edward Stanley Kuziel
Bernard Lax
William Warren Lederer
Fred Thomas Lenart
John H Lindsey
Arthur Liska
Theodore Mach
Delmar H Mander
Robert E Marcellus
Robert E Marquette Marcus
Randolph Martin
Kenneth Mayo
Ross H McCardell
Earl McDermot
Joseph L McGlothlin
Anthony Meisenheimer
Louis Charles Miceli
Ralph Mobley
Louis Charles Neckar
Robert Olsen
F. William Ortolf
Thomas B Owen
Albert William Pacht
Romeo L Pare
Normman C Pilch
Carl Poglajen
Carolyn Buford Price
Charles M Price
Freeman T Rambo
James Raulerson
Gerald Penrose Ramsberger
Edward E Renfro III
Leland W Richards
Robert C Rihm
William A Ross Jr
Gilbert E Rouhselange
Vitie Willard Rudnickas
Melvin Lee Schenck
Brewster A Schoch
Emanuel Schonberger
Everett Schrock
Gerald Sill
Edward Everett Slagle
Fred John Slater
Willis Ray Smith JrVon Spahr
Anthony Spano
Loren G Speckeen
Henry Spencer
Richard Stevens
Clark Sullivan
Edward D Summers
Harry Joseph Tadda
Frank Tafuro
Howard Irwin Taylor
Neil Taylor
Edward H. Tilton
John Timm
Charles Tonnemacher
John J Truty
Robert E VanGundy
Eugene Veith
J Lee Vincent
Peter R Waichunas
Morris Eugene Weiss
Ray Allen Wood
Richard Yelvington
Paul V Yingst
Robert C Zahn
William A Zinzow
Frank B Zivica


  1. Dr. Susan Beck Davis's Gravatar Dr. Susan Beck Davis
    June 28, 2017    

    John W. Hill passed away on June 22. 2015. His widow, Nancy Hill, called to tell me the sad news. John, Nancy, and I remained close friends after John’s and my Honor Flight together in October, 2015. He was an extraordinary man in so many ways and I will cherish our trip together, the stories he shared about being a WW2 navigator in Europe, and his friendship forever.

  2. Harry Provan's Gravatar Harry Provan
    April 15, 2017    

    Could you please add Eugene Mohney to the Honor Flight memorium. Eugene passed away March 18, 2017. He was a Marine Veteran of WW 11. He flew with the Honor Flight in 2015. He was a resident of Seminole Fl. And was 92 yrs old at the time of his passing.

  3. Sydni Ann Shollenberger's Gravatar Sydni Ann Shollenberger
    March 17, 2017    

    My late husband William Wadsworth Morrison served in Korea during the Korean Conflict, 1952-54. He was born on June 8, 1929, and passed away July 2, 2015. He trained in the U.S. Army to be part of a tank group. However, in Japan, shortly before he was to go to Korea, he was tapped for a job he could not have imagined, based on his basic and tank training. In his life in Charlottesville, Virginia, prior to being drafted, he had a radio show. Because it was a small station, he not only broadcast, but he had to learn about the “backroom” aspects of getting a station on-air. There was a last minute need that day in Tokyo for a radio operator who could handle the radio with enough expertise to carry out the mission of transmitting radio messages to Korean combatants who were prisoners of war as part of a psychological effort to gain information and convert them. I no longer have all the precise information on his war experience, nor his DD214, although his sons may have retained that material from his files.

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