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 Be a Honor Flight Ambassador


Are you up for another challenge? This will far exceed our previous ones of mail call and postage stamps (even though we will always accept your continued support with these two).

“WE WANT YOU” to be an “Honor Flight Ambassador”.

“WE WANT YOU” to help us find World War II Veterans who have not been on an Honor Flight – family member, friend, parent of a friend, member of your church or social/civic group, or someone you may not even know yet but who you may see while you are at a restaurant or even just grocery shopping.

Our 2017 spring flights are fall flights are Sep 13 and Oct 24. We will also be conducting 1 more local Honor Flight at Home events on July 29 for those Veterans who have reached a stage in their life that flying to Washington D.C. is no longer an option.

Please spread the word. Time is of the essence…… Of the 16,000,000 Americans who served in WWII, only 620,000 are alive today (over 57,000 are in FL). 372 WWII Veterans die each day.

Here are some tips to be prepared as you embark on your mission as an “Honor Flight Ambassador”:

  1. Start a conversation with any Veteran that you know or may see in your area. Ask if he/she has heard about Honor Flight. If you do not have any brochure available, take down the name, address and phone number of the Veteran. You can either follow-up with the Veteran yourself with additional information but please be sure that you email info to or call and leave a message at (727) 498-6079 so that one of our Board members can also contact the Veteran.
  2. Print a copy of this “We Want You” flyer. Keep it in your car or with you at all times. You can use it as a hand out.
  3. Print a copy of our new brochure which is now available on our website Click on tab HFWCF Brochure.
  4. Go to our website and click on tab Apply for a Flight. Print out a copy of the Veteran application. Better yet, offer to help the Veteran complete the application.
  5. For our Honor Flight at Home programs, go to our website and click on tab Honor Flight @ Home for the application.

We are forever grateful for your support and hope that you will consider this enormous task. We know that this challenge will be life changing for the Veteran, and also his/her family AND MAYBE EVEN YOU.

Volunteers are the core of Honor Flight! Here are some of the different ways you can get involved:

Become a Volunteer…..

• Spread the word! Tell everyone you know about us and our mission. If you know a war-era Veteran, encourage them to submit an application.

• Help us identify possible funding resources.

• Help write letters for Mail Call.

• Volunteer to help with the activities/ events hosted by Honor Flight throughout the year.

• Volunteer to help at our pre-flight orientation.

• Volunteer to get up early and help our Veterans at send off on Tuesday mornings – flight day.

• Volunteer for our Welcome Home Celebrations!


To volunteer contact Sharon, our Volunteer Coordinator at: or call 727-498-6079.

Click here to download the  Volunteer Application.

Become a Guardian…..

On each mission, we fly 80 Veterans, 80 wheelchairs, and 80 Guardians to help push those wheelchairs throughout the day. We rely on our guardians to help make this trip as memorable as possible for our Veterans. As a guardian, you will help escort a Veteran during the day from early morning send-off to the return home. Guardians must be willing and able to walk long distances, assist the Veteran, experience possible heat, cold, wetness, and support a 20+ hour day.  For this once in a life-time experience, we ask guardians to donate $400 to cover the cost of the flight. (Please note: if paying via PayPal the donation is $410 to cover the service fee).

  Click here to download the Guardian Application.

Join us at Welcome Home…..

You don’t have to be a volunteer to come to welcome our heroes home that evening! Your presence is enough to show them how much they mean to us and our freedom. Join us at the Welcome Home Celebrations for the Veterans. Plan to arrive at the Airport bringing your friends and families to cheer their return, and meet these American heroes. Spread the word to everyone, cheerleaders, scouts, school groups, social clubs, & civic clubs! Bring your American Flag, wear red, white, or blue, make a sign. If you have time to volunteer, we would love to have help.