Next 2016 Honor Flights to Washington

Four flights are planned for 2016. The next flights to Washington, D.C. are:

Mission 25 – Tuesday, April 26, 2016 (orientation is Saturday, April 23, 2016)

Mission 26  – Tuesday, June 7, 2016 (orientation is Saturday, June 4, 2016)

If you are a Veteran and interested in joining us on an upcoming mission, please complete and submit your application.
If you are interested in becoming a guardian and sharing in the experience of a lifetime, please complete and submit your application.


Thank you to everyone who has supported our Honor Flight Missions in 2015. Your dedication to our Nation’s heroes is to be commended.

See Mission videos and photos on our Honor Flight of West Central Florida Facebook page!

  • Veterans Flown: 1,806 to their Memorials in Washington D.C. 
  • Flights completed: 24
  • Veterans Honored at Home: 88 Veterans
  • Years of service: 4
  • In 2015, we completed five flights.
  • In 2011, our inaugural year, with significant support from corporate sponsors and individual donors, we completed four Honor Flights.
  • In 2012 we completed four, in 2013 completed seven and in 2014 we completed four.

With an estimated 32,000 War-era Veterans living in the West Central Florida area, we have a huge challenge. We need continued support from grateful Americans like yourselves, and the generous participation of area corporations to honor these War-Era Veterans with a tour to D.C. in the manner they deserve.

To continue our flights, your donations are key! Also, if you have time to volunteer, HFWCF can use your help. Your energy helps the thousands of local Veterans enjoy their Honor Flight.

PRIORITY – Top priority is given to War-era Veterans and terminally ill Veterans that have not yet visited their memorial.

PLEASE NOTE: We schedule our veterans first in and first out. We currently have over 300 War-era Veterans on our waiting list. Once flown, we will begin to fly our Korean War Veterans followed by Vietnam Veterans and continue in chronological order of conflict. They all have given so much and it is time we show them that their efforts are not forgotten.
 Please consider donating, volunteering, and/or accompanying a Veteran to D.C. as their Guardian. It will be a lifetime memory for you.


  1. Victoria Dore's Gravatar Victoria Dore
    April 21, 2015    

    My 1st time to attend one of these events. Excited to be there to honor these brave Americans who sacrifice selflessly

  2. Terri's Gravatar Terri
    April 21, 2015    

    It is such an honor to be able to show all our WW11 vets how much we respect and thanks we have for their sacrifices! I’m looking forward to surprising my father when he gets home this evening. He doesn’t know we’ll be their, GOD BLESS ALL WHO VOLUTEERED TO MAKE THIS POSSIBLE…

  3. Maureen's Gravatar Maureen
    April 21, 2015    

    I take care of a 93 yr. old WWII vet and would love to have him go but he’s not wanting anyone but me to take him. The only problem is I don’t have the extra money for this. Do you help with the funds to send the companion?

    Thank you

  4. Linda Nelson's Gravatar Linda Nelson
    April 22, 2015    

    I wasn’t quite sure what to expect as this was the first time for our family attending an Honor Flight Homecoming. I am so happy we went! A must do for everyone in our community. I look forward to attending in the future and my husband is very interested in being a Guardian. It was such a special and joyful evening. I bet all the Vets had a good night’s sleep.

    • michael conforti's Gravatar michael conforti
      April 23, 2015    

      I had the privilege to escort my uncle on mission#20 and will tell you it was a very emotional and unforgettable day for the both of us. By all means, take the opportunity to be a vets guardian as there were more than a few that needed one. You will never forget it.

  5. Cheryl Holden Schneider's Gravatar Cheryl Holden Schneider
    April 23, 2015    

    My father, Richard (Corky) Holden was front and center among his fellow proud veterans who flew to Washington, DC. Thank you Honor Flight WCF!

  6. May 2, 2015    

    Would like to be a Volunteer.

    • Josie Zack's Gravatar Josie Zack
      October 11, 2015    

      Need info on the duties of a voluntary

  7. Gary Himert's Gravatar Gary Himert
    May 2, 2015    

    I was on April’s Guardian list, and was told I was going to be needed in May. Do I need to re-apply?

  8. Greg n janet Bedard's Gravatar Greg n janet Bedard
    May 4, 2015    

    We would like to volunteer and help these veterans could you send us some information.

  9. May 4, 2015    

    Would like information on being a volunteer and about donations

  10. Michael Hoff's Gravatar Michael Hoff
    May 14, 2015    

    I am a WW 2 veteran, landed in Normandy on D Day and served in the 5 major battles in Europe. Are there any
    Honor Flights on June 6, 2015?

  11. Fred W. large's Gravatar Fred W. large
    May 19, 2015    

    Have been to 4 of your welcome home flights..My wife comes as Rosie the Riveter.. We love bring part of this. Thanhs for all of your efforts.

  12. May 22, 2015    

    To The Honor Flight Program

    I just completed Mission 21 of the Honor Flight of West Central Florida and want to express my thanks. To all that participated in the greeting for Veterans of WWII and want to give a great “THANK YOU” for remembering. The feeling you gave me was overwhelming. To see so many hundreds of people out at 9:30 PM to greet us, to know so many people still remembered the unity we had at that time, knowing everyone was doing their part to get the job done and the sacrifices so many made filled my heart with happiness and pride. Some of those that make ultimate sacrifices were my buddies. Their memories still burn in my soul. When I saw the WWII Memorial in Washington DC it told me that we will never forget. The mission was beyond anything I imagined it would be and I can’t thank all that organized, supported, lead the way and showed so much appreciation. It is one I shall never forget. I THANK YOU ALL so much for arranging such a wonderful trip.

    Jim Walker

    St. Petersburg, Fl

    • Daphni Tsongranis's Gravatar Daphni Tsongranis
      May 31, 2015    

      Mr. Walker, so glad we were able to honor you! Grateful you were on my bus, too! Daphni

  13. May 24, 2015    

    Mission 21 was outstanding. It was doubly great to be able to share it with my guardian son, Gary. It was so well organized that I can’t thank you enough.
    Every little detail was taken care of. Also, it was great to meet Senator Bob Dole who also had a big hand in the building of the WWII Memorial.
    I will be 94 on June 6, so I’m downsizing my home to move into a Retirement home, and to add to my excitement this week, I also sold my house, a waterfront home that I’ve lived in for 58 years. What a week, you made it especially meaningful!
    Thank you so much. I’ll always remeber it.
    Paul Yingst
    St Petersburg

    • Daphni Tsongranis's Gravatar Daphni Tsongranis
      May 31, 2015    

      Mr. Yin gat – it was an HONOR to have you on Mission 21 AND to have you on MY bus!!! Daphni

    • Judy Lowry's Gravatar Judy Lowry
      November 1, 2015    

      Dear Mr. Yingst,
      I am so glad that you were able to go on Mission 21 with Gary. I knew him from Pasadena Community Church. Back then I was Judy Hardin. I was blessed to go on Mission 9 with my dad. It was the best day that I ever had with my father. My dad was a B-17 pilot with the 8th Air Force. We went to several Welcome Home’s after his mission until his health started failing. My father-in-law went on Mission 24. I hope you and Gary are able to go to some of the Welcome Home celebrations. I can’t express my gratitude to everyone connected with Honor Flight of West Central Florida.
      Thank you for your service,

  14. Bernard Rosenstein's Gravatar Bernard Rosenstein
    May 27, 2015    

    I’m retired and moved here to the Sarasota area last September. I heard of the Honor Flight program when I lived in northern VA before I moved here and would like to help. What kind of volunteer help do you need and how do I get involved?

  15. Foster J. Burton's Gravatar Foster J. Burton
    June 23, 2015    

    Thank you for making this opportunity available to my uncle, a veteran of WWII. He certainly earned this opportunity with his service when it eas needed most. I know he will have a great time. This is an awesome event for all of the veterans. How fortunate we all are that there are individuals who are able to make these trips possible. All of our veterans deserve everything that we are able to do for them.

    Again, thank you.

  16. Richard V. Stoyles's Gravatar Richard V. Stoyles
    June 26, 2015    

    Having just completed mission 22 I can,t tell you how impressed I am with your organiztion and all the team members and guardians that took us on such a remarkable journey. Everyone responded under such tough weater conditions. The welcome back Wednesday morning was unbelivable. May God Bless you all for a day I’ll never forget!

  17. Gregg P Appel (on behalf Donald F Appel)'s Gravatar Gregg P Appel (on behalf Donald F Appel)
    July 4, 2015    

    Hello Beverly Ann Frey,

    Attached is a picture of my Father WWII Veteran Staff Sargent Donald F. Appel. We both live near Largo, FL.
    I saw this in Dad’s local Home town paper online, The Joliet Herald News, Joliet, IL.
    I never knew about this. Would you remember and consider my dad for a future venture to our nation’s Capital.
    Dad, God willing turns 89 on August 10, this year. As you can see by the picture Dad is still very sharp. He does use a walker, but can get around.
    If I could accompanying him, that would be Great. If not for free for me, but at a reduced fee.

    Thank you for your time.

    Look forward to your reply.


    Gregg P Appel

    WW II Veteran-US Army Staff Sgt. Donald F Appel-88 yrs young August 2014 (5).jpeg
    WW II Veteran-US Army Staff Sgt. Donald F Appel-88 yrs young August 2014 (8).jpeg

    (727) 244-2832


  18. CS's Gravatar CS
    July 28, 2015    

    When is the next one scheduled for this group? I saw fall, but did not see a date. I really want to participate.

  19. Barbara Moler's Gravatar Barbara Moler
    August 12, 2015    

    anxious to participate — info sent to Tina Provo 7/24 & again today, 8/12.
    thank you — I want to be a guardian. My father was in WWII & Korea. My husband recently passed but was a young Lt. at end of war flying P-51. He ferried wounded back from Pacific and felt very fortunate when he saw all the casualties. We have been to see memorial couple yrs. before he died. I would love to honor his memory and help someone else see memorial. I’m healthy, able and very willing and 70 yrs. old. Please give me details.
    bless you all

  20. John Steller's Gravatar John Steller
    September 4, 2015    


  21. John Steller's Gravatar John Steller
    September 4, 2015    


  22. Barbara J Sweet's Gravatar Barbara J Sweet
    September 23, 2015    

    I would like to request that my Dad’s name, Robert F. Heller, be added for an Honor Flight. Robert F. Heller is 90 years old, was in the US Navy on the US DuPaige and fought in WWII. His ship was off the Phillipines and was hit by a bomb dropped by a Japanese twin engine. The bomb landed on the front deck of the US DuPaige which caused the loss of 90 lives. My Dad’s brother, William C. Heller, (deceased) was on the US Winsor, not far from the US DuPaige. I can think of no greater honor than to have my Dad participate on an Honor Flight as a thank you for his efforts in WWII. I would be honored to accompany my Dad, Robert F. Heller. Sincerely, Barbara J. Sweet

  23. Barbara J Sweet's Gravatar Barbara J Sweet
    September 23, 2015    

    Barbara J Sweet, sweetsailorgirl@peoplepc.com. Request for an Honor Flight for Robert F. Heller, above.

  24. Francis. S. Black's Gravatar Francis. S. Black
    September 27, 2015    

    I am a Vietnam era veteran. I am 71 yrs old. I use a walker or a.cane to get around. I have never seen any of the memorials in Washington. How do I get signed up?
    6Francis S Black
    MSgt, USAF (RET)

  25. Elizabeth O''s Gravatar Elizabeth O'
    September 28, 2015    

    Could someone please email me an application for volunteering?

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